How to Backup and Restore Database in Odoo Using Website Interface

Odoo supports database management using website interface.

To open the database manager, access the database manager page by the url: http://your_odoo_server/web/database/manager

From this page you can create, backup , restore, duplicate, delete databases.

Backup Database

To backup your database, click the Backup button next to the required database.

In the opened window, you will be able to select Backup Format:

  • zip (includes filestore) - this means that all uploaded images, documents, etc will also be backed up
  • pg_dump (without filestore)

Click Backup to backup database.

After backup is ready, your browser will automatically start to download it.

Restore Database

To restore database, click the Restore Database button.

You will be able to select the backup file and specify the database name.

Click Continue and your database will be restored. This operation may take some time.