The Generic Request Conditions module, developed by the Center of Research & Development company, is an essential component of the Generic Request application. This module provides seamless integration between Generic Request and Generic Condition modules.

With the Generic Request (Conditions) module, you can create and add conditions for the transition of requests between stages, conditions for changing records and assigning responsible persons, and conditions for performing certain actions when requests move along the route.

When you create or edit a route, you can find the "Conditions" field in the form. Until these conditions are fulfilled, the request will not be able to progress to the next stage on the route. Click the drop-down menu next to the ''Conditions'' field and select the desired condition from the list.


in the request type, under the ''Write control'' tab, you can specify the conditions under which the text of the request can be changed, as well as the conditions of change of the assigned person and request category.

Click the ''Write control'' tab. Select the required conditions in the appropriate fields.