The newest release of Bureaucrat bundles

This week we are updating the Bureaucrat bundles and introducing many changes to our products. Also look out for our products on Odoo version 16 coming soon. The first module on 16th will be Generic Security Restrictions. All the changes mentioned below will be available from the 12th to the 16th version of the Bureaucrat.

What's new in the Bureaucrat?

We decided to change our bundles and reduce their number. Now it will be easier for you to make a choice based on the needs of your company.

We kept HelpDesk Lite free and made some changes. First, we added our Knowledge Base modules to the core. Now the knowledge base of your company is available in the basic free module of Bureaucrat. Knowledge Base has a very wide functionality. You can publish data on the website, manage access to articles and categories, grant or separate rights for editing and creating articles, etc.

Also, Services are now available in a separate menu. This provides an opportunity for fully configuration of your company’s services. You can learn more about the Services here. Services in requests are now optional and can be enabled or disabled in settings.

Other HelpDesk modules (HelpDesk, HelpDesk Pro, HelpDesk Plus and HelpDesk Ultimate) are currently unavailable on the market and no longer supported. If you have purchased these modules and have questions about what to do next, please contact us here.

The further versions of Bureaucrat are now available on the Odoo Market: ServiceDesk, ServiceDesk Pro and ServiceDesk Ultimate.

The main difference between ServiceDesk and HelpDesk is the presence of fields and conditions for fulfilling requests. Support levels - SLA - appears in the ServiceDesk Pro, as well as To Do functionality, Request Invoicing and Locations.

The Service Desk Ultimate package is a professional help desk system that is easy to configure and has wide automation abilities. In addition to all the above functionality, it includes Automation Actions, Assignments and Route Triggers.

We also started using General System Events "under the hood". This model allows you to track any events in the system: general and specific.

Bureaucrat has undergone significant changes, but we've also added a lot of useful functionality to existing bundles.

Added response attachments to the request form and attachment files to close the request. Added filters for "Request Closed" and "Request Open" reports. For Ultimate, it has been added the functionality for configuring automatic deletion of subscribers at the request of a previously assigned user.

New categories of request events have been created: - Deadline tomorrow - Deadline today - Deadline overdue. Added a new button to the CRM Opportunity form that allows you to create a query related to this opportunity. You can find the full list of changes here.

New bureaucrat release
Team assignments, Knowledge base, Resource Management and other new features