New bureaucrat release
Team assignments, Knowledge base, Resource Management and other new features

With this release we reease new modules and new features of Bureaucrat. Most notable features are:

Bureaucrat Knowledge. In this release we've published our implementation of the knowledge base - Bureaucrat Knowledge. These modules allow you to manage your knowledge easily with flexible access rights settings and publish some part of your knowledge on the website.

Assignments to teams. Starting from this release, there will be supported assignments to teams in our Helpdesk / Service Desk / ITSM system. Also, when you assign a request to the team, all team members will receive notification about the new ticket.

Resources Management. With this release we've published the first part of our Resource Management modules. With these modules you will be able to manage easily your resources (computers, equipment etc) and organize access to resources with roles.

UI/UX improvements. This release contains UI/UX improvements, to make our system look better.

Other improvements. In this release we have completed our migration from LESS to SCSS stylesheets. Thus, there is no more need to install lessc compiler to make Bureaucrat work.

Easily organize knowledgebase

With Bureaucrat Knowledge you can easily organize your knowledge base:

  • Store all your documents and knowledge in single place.

  • Categorize documents with categories and tags

  • Manage access to documents in most flexible way

  • Track history of changes of each document

  • Currently following document formats supported

    • HTML

    • PDF


Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Publish knowledge base on website

With Bureaucrat Knowledge Website, your can easily publish all your knowledge base (or only some documents) on website.

Team assignments and better teams integration

In this release, we have implemented ability to assign requests to teams.
When request is assigned to team, then all team members will receive notification about new request assigned for this team.
Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Resource Management

In this release, we publish our core modules for Resource Management.

In our vision, resource could be anything that could be identified. For example, we think that following entities are resources:

  • Computer

  • Server

  • Database

  • Odoo module

  • Building

  • Room

  • Printer

  • etc

Easily access requests of same author or same partner

Show number of open and closed requests of same author or same partners directly on request form view.

This way it would be super easy to check other open requests of same author or partner (if they are exists)

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Easily access recent requests of same author or partner

In this release, we implemnted module Generic Request Recent, that allows you to easily access requests of same author or partner opened in last N days. N is param and configured in global settings.

Priority on website

With our new module Website Service Desk (Priority) you can allow your customers to specify priority of ticket / request on website before submiting the ticket.

Complex and standard priotity is supported.

Aslo, it is possible to configure the way to display priority on webstie:

  • As selection

  • As stars

Odoo • Text and Image
Bureaucrat ServiceDesk is under the new release