New Bureaucrat Release (05/08/2019)

We have released a new update for our Bureaucrat system. There are a lot of changes and new features we would like to share.

All updates are made for Odoo 11 and Odoo12 and are already available on Odoo marketplace.

Canned Responses

We developed a new Crnd Mail Canned Response addon. It allows to setup shortcodes to use in emails, messages or chatter, which will be substituted with the pre-configured text. This feature is very useful and can save a lot of time for service, consulting or seller companies. Start typing with a colon ":" and you will see available responses with shortcodes.

We also updated our Generic Request Mail addon. It adds Canned Responses settings to request's configuration and allows to set them up from here.

Dynamic Popover Widget for Text Fields

Our Generic Request gets a new widget that allows to limit the display of long text on the tree view with the desired configuration, it also displays full text as a pop-up when hovering.

Supporting of Jinja2 Templating

A number of our addons now support jinja2 templating for text and html fields. With these templates, you can get values of model fields and insert them instead of the template. For example, you can use {{}} template to specify the name of the current request.

The following addons are now support templating:

Read more about action's templates in the documentation.

New Event: Priority Changed

We have updated our Generic Request Priority addon. It adds a new event to the system - Priority Changed. You can use this event to trigger actions or automated routes when priority of the request is changed.

Generic Request SLA

Our Generic Request SLA have got an integration with the web_tree_dynamic_colored_field addon.

If this module is installed, SLA state field will be colored on the tree view. This greatly helps to visualize SLA state of requests.

Generic Team Improvements

Generic Team and Generic Team Tag have got a minor update. Now user's team and team member's tags are displayed on the user form.

Generic Request Survey

We also developed a new Generic Request Survey addon that provides integration between the Generic Request and Survey apps. It allows to send surveys in one click from the request form. You will also be able to see survey answers from this request.

Sign Up -> Create Lead

We also developed a new CRND Auth Signup Create Lead addon. It has a very simple but useful feature - it creates CRM lead when a new user signs up on a website. Seller companies should appreciate this addon.

Website Service Desk

We updated our Website Service Desk application. We add a new user security group - Service Desk Website user (All requests).

Users of this group can see all requests on website, but still do not have access to internal interface.

We also updated text editor for composing requests and fixed display of avatars for portal users.

Generic Request Project

Task and Request relation were changed from many2many to many2one. All data is automatically migrated, but in case when single task has multiple related requests, only the first request is saved. Old data kept untouched but is hidden from the UI and will be completely removed with one of the following updates.

Related request can now be seen through request_id field that is added to the search and form view.

Minor Improvements

We also have made many minor updates: updated error messages for Generic Request and Generic Condition - they now show more information; updated translations for many of our modules (UA, RU); minor bug fixes and interface improvements, etc.

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New Request Event - Priority Change