How To Easily Configure Request Workflow Using Diagram View

In this article, we explore another way to configure request type with the help of the diagram view. It is very easy, fast and illustrative process that allows to plan request workflow on the fly.

  • You create new stages as nodes on the diagram

  • You can click and drag these nodes to move to the desired position

  • By connecting nodes, you create routes by which request will navigate until it is closed

The following video displays the request type configuration from the diagram view.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

CRND Web Diagram Fix

Note that there is an Odoo bug that raises an error on the diagram view. It appears when the diagram object has 2 fields (one2many + many2one) that points to related nodes.

We developed a special addon to fix this bug. There is also our patch that you can apply manually.

So, you can fix the diagram error in two ways:

Bureaucrat Service Desk