Generic Security Restriction - New Features

We recently updated our Generic Security Restriction addon. With this update, we added new highly demanded features to our module.

You can now also change specific parameters of Many2one fields from the user interface for certain user security groups. This allows not to hide the entire menu from users, but to make partial restriction of some fields. To change field parameters, you only need to select the appropriate check boxes.

With these features, we added so-called third dimension of restriction to Odoo elements. Now you can:

  1. Hide the entire menu.

  2. Do not hide the menu, but hide or make readonly specific fields (stat buttons) of the model.

  3. Do not hide fields, but restrict some functions of these fields for specific users.

The following parameters you can overwrite for any Many2one field using our addon:

  • 'no_open'=True
    This parameter forbids opening of a record. All fields that were rendered as a link will now be displayed as a normal text. It also hides the Open icon from the view in the Edit mode.

  • 'no_create'=True
    Forbids the creation of new records when selecting a field

  • 'no_quick_create'=True
    Forbids quick create of new records. You can only create records using Create and Edit... option.

  • 'no_create_edit'=True
    Forbids creation of new records using Create and Edit..., only allows quick create.

Updated addon is already available on Odoo market.

We continue to improve Generic Security Restriction, there are more features that we plan to add in the nearest future.

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