Generic Request + Survey
Send Surveys from Request

In this article, we want to share with you our new Generic Request Survey addon. This addon integrates our Bureaucrat system with Surveys.

Request's surveys can be very helpful as they facilitate the overall process of gathering required information. Your support team does not need to ask a number of annoying questions - just create appropriate surveys once and send them in a few clicks every time you need.

Generic Request Survey is already available for download on Odoo market.

With our new addon, you can do the following:

  • Select any survey and send from request

  • Quickly select recipients using check boxes (request author, creator, assignee), or select additional partners manually

  • Track completed surveys from kanban or form the request form

  • Review survey answers from the request form

In our upcoming releases, we plan to update this addon and add even more integration with our system. In particular, we plan to add survey-related events. You will be able to configure automated actions and automated routes for requests based on sent or completed surveys.

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