Canned Responses
Rapid Replies to Customers

Our next new addon we would like to introduce is Crnd Mail Canned Response. This is a standalone module and it can be used in your Odoo without any additional dependencies.

It will save a lot of time on typing in repetitive phrases in everyday communication.

Will be very useful for companies that provide:

  • an active communication with customers

  • customer support

  • customer service

What can you do with this addon:

  • quickly respond to customers with prepared phrases, typing only a few characters

Easy to use:

  • configure special keywords and corresponding phrases

  • type keyword preceding the colon (":")

  • keyword will be automatically substituted for prepared text

Where to use:

  • in discussion, chatters and messages all over your Odoo

Additional features:

  • an active keyword analysis

  • it will only show substitutions that start with the letters you type

  • select the required text with the mouse, using keyboard arrows, or just press Enter to substitute the first available option

The next article will introduce to you our Generic Request Survey addon. It brings the possibility to send surveys from our system and makes it easier to gather required information. Subscribe and don't miss out.

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